COVID-19 Vaccine Reporting Form

A young woman holds a sign that says her reason for getting the vaccination is to keep her fellow Niners safe. She is pictured by the words

In the interest of the health and safety of the entire UNC Charlotte community, the University strongly encourages all members of the community to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and booster, and to let us know when you do through the COVID-19 vaccine reporting form.

Click here for more information about COVID-19 vaccines.

University policy allows employees up to eight hours in one day paid work time for vaccinations occurring within regular work hours, with their supervisor’s permission. Employees are also entitled to paid leave for adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccinations on the day or the day after the vaccine is received.

The University now considers full vaccination to include one dose for J&J OR two doses for Pfizer and Moderna, AND a booster vaccine. Individuals who have received only the one or two dose initial vaccine are only temporarily exempt from testing requirements. A booster dose is required for exemption. Learn more here.

If you receive your vaccination and submit the reporting form with the appropriate documentation, you will be exempt from the daily completion requirement for the Niner Health Check and the requirement to participate in random mitigation testing. You will also be exempt from quarantine requirements during contact tracing — as long as you remain asymptomatic (see below for more information). Please note: Your exemption becomes effective two weeks after your vaccine protocol is complete (one shot vs. two shots) as that is when you have maximum immunity.

A note on testing exemptions: Upon receiving your initial doses (one or two shots depending on the brand), your exemption becomes effective two weeks after your vaccine protocol is complete. Once you are eligible for a booster vaccine, you will be subject to testing protocols until the booster dose is received and submitted.​

Important Information about Exemptions

Please review this information about exemptions carefully:

  • Submission and review of documentation: You must provide a scanned or photographed copy of your CDC vaccination card to be eligible for the exemption. You will upload this using the reporting form. This is the only acceptable form of documentation. All submissions will be reviewed within 3-5 business days, and you will receive an email letting you know if your submission has been approved or denied. If you cannot locate your CDC vaccine card, please email

    • ​Individuals should submit their initial vaccine record (one or two doses depending on the brand) for testing exemption. Note: That exemption will not be effective until two weeks after the final dose.

    • Once they are eligible for a booster vaccine, they will again be subject to testing protocols until the booster vaccine is administered and reported via the online portal.

  • Exemption effective date: Vaccine exemptions occur in two phases.

    • The first exemption is effective two weeks after the date your initial vaccine protocol is complete (one dose for J&J; second dose for Pfizer and Moderna).

    • Once you are eligible for a booster vaccine, you must receive the vaccine and complete the reporting form to be fully exempt from testing. Once submitted and approved, you will be immediately exempt from testing requirements.

  • Quarantine exceptions: In accordance with CDC guidance, fully vaccinated individuals do not have to quarantine if they are close contacts of someone with COVID-19 as long as they remain asymptomatic.

  • Receiving the Niner Health Check: You will continue to receive the Niner Health Check daily so that you can complete the assessment if you need it. However, you will not receive any completion reminders nor will you be in danger of having your NinerNet credentials suspended for non-completion. Simply delete the email if you do not need it.

  • If you develop symptoms: If you develop symptoms of COVID-19, even after being fully vaccinated, you must complete your Niner Health Check accordingly.

  • If you are a close contact: If you are a close contact of someone with COVID-19, complete your Niner Health Check accordingly. Per CDC guidelines, you do not need to quarantine unless you become symptomatic; however, we want to be able to offer you appropriate resources should that become necessary.

  • Mitigation and surge testing: If approved, your exemption extends to random mitigation and surge testing, and you will be removed from these processes.

  • Information security and use: Although submitted information is not subject to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) rules, it will be protected from disclosure in accordance with the University’s privacy protections for students under the federal Family Education and Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) and for employees under the State Human Resources Act. Your reporting form response will be used to understand the vaccination rate on campus and to provide vaccinated individuals exemptions from the Niner Health Check and mitigation testing. It will not be used for any other purpose. All documentation is stored in the University’s Level 3 (Highly Restricted) document repository system.

Please note: If you are receiving the vaccine, please do not complete the form until you have completed your vaccination protocol (one shot for Johnson and Johnson; two shots for Pfizer and Moderna). Submission of your booster dose may be submitted at a later date, if necessary.

Submit your COVID-19 Vaccine Reporting Form

Thank you for your participation. Your support keeps Niner Nation healthy! If you have questions, please email