Isolation and Quarantine

The University has updated its policy to reflect the August 2022 revised guidance from the CDC.

At this time, they do not recommend quarantining for those exposed to COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status. 

Who What

Everyone who tests positive for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status


  • Stay home for five days.
  • If you have no symptoms after five days, you can leave your house.
  • Continue to wear a mask around others for five additional days.

Important notes:

  • If you continue to have symptoms or still have a fever, you must stay home until your fever resolves (no fever for 24 hours without the use of medication) and you are symptom free.
  • Regardless of when you end isolation, avoid being around people who are more likely to get very sick from COVID-19 until at least day 11.

Anyone exposed to COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status
  • Wear a high-quality mask for 10 days
  • Get tested on day 5 after exposure
  • If you begin to experience symptoms, isolate immediately and schedule testing. 

Important notes

  • Being up to date with your vaccinations and boosters is still the best protection against developing serious symptoms and spreading COVID-19. 









Helpful FAQs for faculty and supervisors


As long as the student completed their Niner Health Check as they should, they will receive an email indicating they need to isolate and avoid campus. This email will serve as their proof.
No, you do not have to require documentation for a student to return to class. You may recommend that a student follow up with a medical provider if they report being ill. Students may then engage in the absence verification process through Student Assistance and Support Services (SASS), provided they have official medical documentation. More information on the absence verification process can be found online.

Students who test positive for COVID-19 are encouraged to reach out to their instructors to alert them of their absence and make accommodations to make up the work -- just as they would if they were ill under any other circumstance. 

The student may or may not choose to disclose their COVID-19 status to you. If they do, you should treat that information privately as you would any other health disclosure made to you by a student.


In most cases, if your information is up to date in Banner, you will receive a notification through the Niner Health Check System  that your employee has been instructed to remain home and will not be reporting to work. Your employee will also be instructed to contact you directly. If you haven’t heard from your employee, you should contact them to discuss their well-being and how you will cover business needs for the University during their absence.
Yes, employees are told to notify their supervisors directly.