Quarantine and Isolation

Understanding Quarantine and Isolation

What is the difference?

  • Quarantine =  separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed to COVID to see if they become sick. They may have contracted the disease but do not show symptoms.
  • Isolation = Separates people who are known to have tested positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms consistent with the virus and are awaiting the results of a test. 

How long does each last?


If identified as a close contact: 

  • Unvaccined, partially vaccinated or not boosted: Stay home for five days, test on day five and wear a mask around others for another five days. 
  • Boosted OR within two months of a J&J vaccine, five months of second Pfizer or Moderna vaccine: Wear a mask around others for 10 days and test on day five. 


Anyone with a positive test result -- regardless of vaccination status -- is required to isolate for at last five days. 

Review this chart for more information. 

Additional information

View these additional webpages to learn more about quarantine and isolation protocols.

Helpful FAQs for faculty and supervisors


As long as the student completed their Niner Health Check as they should, they will receive an email indicating they need to quarantine or isolate and avoid campus. This email will serve as their proof.
No, you do not have to require documentation for a student to return to class, but you may choose to.
Depending on if a student resides on or off campus, you can expect one of the following types of documentation:
  • On-campus: An email generated from the University's registry system stating they are cleared to return to campus activities.
  • Off-campus:
    • Quarantine: A screenshot of their all-clear Niner Health Check screen following their full 14-day quarantine period OR documentation from the Student Health Center of a negative COVID-19 test.
    • Isolation: Documentation from Student Assistance and Support Services verifying a student’s positive test results and dates of isolation. Please note that processing times may vary due to the volume of requests.

Students who test positive for COVID-19 are encouraged to reach out to their instructors to alert them of their absence and make accommodations to make up the work -- just as they would if they were ill under any other circumstance. 

Students identified as a close contact are instructed to quarantine and are also told to reach out to their instructors to discuss their absence. 

The student may or may not choose to disclose their COVID-19 status to you. If they do, you should treat that information privately as you would any other health disclosure made to you by a student.

You are encouraged to offer as much flexibility as possible to these students during quarantine and isolation.
More information about contact tracing and notification process is available here


In most cases, if your information is up to date in Banner, you will receive a notification through the Niner Health Check System  that your employee has been instructed to remain home based and will not be reporting to work. Your employee will also be instructed to contact you directly. If you haven’t heard from your employee, you should contact them to discuss their well-being and how you will cover business needs for the University during their absence.
Yes, employees are told to notify their supervisors directly, even if their supervisor receives an automatic message.
Yes, working with the Benefits Office, employees will receive an email stating they may return to working on campus if they have received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis . If they have been in quarantine, they should continue completing their Niner Health Check daily. Based on their responses, they will be notified that day if cleared to return to work.
Information about an employee’s medical condition is confidential.  Cases are situational based on many factors (exposure, vaccination status and if symptomatic). However, employees who are sick or become symptomatic should be informed to stay home, complete their Niner Health Check survey for instruction, and consult with their health provider for individual guidance about care, testing and clearance for work.  The contact tracing team will communicate with and provide further instruction to those identified as potential close contacts to a COVID-19 positive individual.