Fall 2021 Testing Protocols

Testing for Unvaccinated Individuals

The University has a robust testing program for the fall. All unvaccinated face-to-face students, face-to-face faculty and in-person staff are required to participate in testing for the health and safety of campus. The only way to be exempt from this requirement is to complete the COVID-19 reporting form with proof of vaccination and have the form approved.  Please note: Your exemption becomes effective two weeks after your vaccine protocol is complete (one shot vs. two shots)  as that is when you have maximum immunity. 

Failure to comply with testing requirements will result in a loss of NinerNet credentials. If non-compliance continues, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken, up to and including removal from the University.

  I am vaccinated I am a residential student and not vaccinated I am a non-residential student or employee and not vaccinated
Testing and Notifications No testing -- You do not need to participate in testing unless you develop COVID-19 symptoms. Note: Testing must continue until you have surpassed two weeks from your final vaccine dosage.  Wastewater-based testing -- You must participate in wastewater-based testing in your residence hall. If the virus that causes COVID-19 is found in your residence hall’s wastewater, you will be notified by Housing and Residential Life. The frequency of this testing will depend on how often the virus is found in wastewater. There is no charge for on-campus testing. You do not need to participate in mitigation testing.  Mitigation testing -- You are required to participate in weekly mitigation testing. Each week, you will receive an email reminder to sign up for testing. You must either participate in on-campus testing or submit an off-campus test by 11:59 p.m. each Friday. There is no charge for on-campus testing. Tests must be administered and submitted within the same week they are due.
Niner Health Check Unless you are symptomatic, you can delete your daily health check reminder. If you develop symptoms, please complete the Niner Health Check.  You must complete the Niner Health Check daily.  You must complete the Niner Health Check daily. 

Re-entry to Campus Testing

Re-entry testing has now closed.

Mitigation Testing for Non-Residential Students and In-Person Employees

All unvaccinated non-residential face-to-face students, face-to-face faculty and in-person staff will be required to participate in weekly mitigation testing as long as: 

  • Mecklenburg County’s positive rate (7-day average) is above 5% 
  • Or there is determined to be an ongoing heightened risk of infection on campus

While mitigation testing is in place, you will be required to be tested on campus each week or to submit a negative COVID-19 test secured at an off-site location.

The following are the steps necessary to complete mitigation testing:

  • Step 1: Receive notification email. Each week, you will receive a weekly email instructing you to register for an on-campus testing appointment for the following week. Important note: If you prefer, you can be tested at an off-campus provider of your choice and submit a negative test result via the online portal by 11:59 p.m. each Friday afternoon.  You can also register anytime by visiting the online portal
  • Step 2: Go to your on-campus testing location. On your designated testing day, you will proceed to your selected testing location at your designated time. 
Site 1 SoVi
Wassum Room, First Floor
Site 2 Atkins Library 
In Front of the Coffee Shop, Ground Floor
Site 3

College of Health and Human Services (CHHS)
Room 128

Site 4

Near Room 1352, First-Floor Seating Area


  • Step 3: Register and check in. You will verify your ID at registration and tap your 49erID card. 
  • Step 4: Complete test. Your nose will be swabbed for the test. 
  • Step 5: Notification of test results. If you are positive, you will be contacted within 24 hours with further instructions. Individuals with negative test results will not be notified.

Important information

  • Cost: There is no cost to you for this test if you get it on campus.
  • Locations: There will be four locations in different areas of campus to allow you to choose one that is most convenient for you. 
  • Time: Testing will be offered Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
  • Off-campus tests: If you choose to be tested off campus, the test you submit must be completed in the same week of submission. In other words, if you are submitting your own test by Friday, Sept. 3, it must have been completed between Saturday, Aug. 28, and Friday, Sept. 3. You may not submit tests conducted in previous weeks. 
    • You may submit an antigen test for mitigation testing. 
    • The test must be completed by an established provider. At-home tests will not be accepted. 
  • Appointments: You will be able to select your own appointment time and location, but slots will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. You may not always be able to get your preferred time or location. Students should not schedule a test during one of your scheduled class times. 
  • Positive test result: If you receive a positive test result, you should promptly complete your daily Niner Health Check, isolate yourself from others and monitor your symptoms. You will receive more information about isolation protocols once you complete your health check. 
  • One dose of the vaccine: If you have received one dose of a two-dose vaccination but are awaiting your second dose, you must still participate in mitigation testing until you are fully vaccinated. Once you have been fully vaccinated and you have submitted and received approval of your COVID-19 vaccine reporting form, you will be exempt from future testing requirements.

Mitigation Testing FAQs

If you have been locked out of your credentials for non-compliance: 

What you need to do

  • You must submit a negative COVID-19 test result or proof of being fully vaccinated by 11:59 on Fridays to regain use of your NinerNET credentials. Please note that you are not considered fully vaccinated until two weeks after one dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccination or two weeks after your second shot in a two-shot vaccination series. Until then, you must participate in mitigation testing. 
  • PCR is our preferred test, but if you cannot find one in the specified time frame, we will accept an antigen test as long as it is administered by a healthcare or pharmacy provider. At-home tests will not be accepted. 
  • If you have only online classes: If you are enrolled exclusively in online classes this semester, please complete the testing form and request an exception using the “other” section. 

Submitting your documentation

  • Use the online portal to submit your documentation. Your files must be JPEG or PDF. 
  • The submission portal is the only thing you will still be able to access with your NinerNET credentials.

Please note: You must comply with testing requirements to reactivate your NinerNET credentials. Completion of the exception form will not reactivate your account. It may take several hours for your documentation to be reviewed, approved and your credentials to be restored. 

Important academic information
You remain enrolled in classes even if your NinerNET credentials are temporarily suspended. You remain responsible for related coursework and tuition and fees associated with your registered courses. 

  • If you need to drop a course - We understand that this is the drop/add period, and you may wish to make a course adjustment. Keep in mind that there may be financial aid implications for any lost credit hours.
    • For undergraduate students, if you need to drop a course during your lockout period, you can submit using the form found here. You will not be able to add a course during the lockout period. When you regain use of your NinerNet credentials, please submit add or drop registration changes through my.charlotte.edu and Banner Self-Service. 
    • For graduate students, if you need to drop a course during your lockout period, you can submit using this form. When you regain use of your NinerNet credentials, please submit add or drop registration changes through my.charlotte.edu and Banner Self-Service.

If you don’t take action

  • Failure to comply will result in a referral to Student Conduct for students or HR for employees.


Wastewater Monitoring Program for Residential Students

The University will continue with its wastewater testing program. The results will be used to conduct targeted weekly testing of unvaccinated students and employees in residence halls.

  • Unvaccinated students and staff in residence halls -- Any unvaccinated students and staff in residence halls will be required to participate in testing if evidence of the virus is found. More information will be shared directly with residential students and Housing and Residence Life (HRL) staff about this testing requirement. There is no cost to students for this on-campus test. 

Contact Tracing

The University will continue with its contact tracing program, notifying any people who are identified as close contacts. 

  • If you are vaccinated: You are encouraged to still be tested on campus three to five days from the time of exposure, but you are not subject to quarantine unless you become symptomatic. 

  • If you are not vaccinated: You will be required to quarantine and be tested.